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Air Freshener Diffusers

Commercial Scent-Sations is proud to offer the latest technology in Air Freshener Dispensers. Our selection varies from stylish to simple dispensers. Ideal for bathrooms, hallways and small spaces in general.

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Monthly Maintenance Service
Ideal for small spaces
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Differentiate your brand


Hotels & Resorts

Keep your customers engaged by scenting public areas in your hotel.

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Create a custom made experience for all your customers.

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Retail Stores

Create a unique experience for your retail store customers

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Convention Centers

Scent high traffic areas of your convention center to offer great experiences

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Worry Free

Monthly Maintenance Service

Our monthly service consists of maintaining air freshener machines, replacing the batteries for non-electric machines and replacing the fragrance refills. There is nothing for you to maintain!

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Hight quality diffusers

Large Area Diffusers

CSS 1000 Battery Operated Diffuser

CSS 601 Battery Operated Diffuser

CSS 6500 Commercial Scent Diffuser

Perfect for ambient scenting, controlling malodors and improving indoor air quality for large and small commercial environments

Odyssey Air Freshener Dispenser

ProMaster MVP Dispenser

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What clients say

“Commercial Scentsations has been a game changer for our hotel. We have been able to custom tailor the experience of our guests from the moment they step into to our lobby. Definitely a must have for any hospitality service business.”

Jay Rodriguez, Senior VP

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