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Available Fragrances

Please find our full  fragrance selection. We can help recommend specific scents based on your industry.

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Fragrance Blocks

Exotic Organic Scents

Fragrance Blocks

Standard Organic Scents

Apple Blue Grass Bouquet Charm
Cherry Cinnamon Cinnaspice French Vanilla
Gardenia Pumpkin Spice Orange Frosty Grape
Grapefruit Herbal Honey Jasmine
Leather Lilac Mango Mint
Mulberry Green Tea Lambursco Odorless
Pina Colada Raine Red Raspberry Sachet
Sierra Springs Spice Springtime Strawberry
Pine Aloe Blossom Pomegranate Tropicana
Vanilla Cream White Gardenia Wildflower Laundry Fresh
Linen Fresh Plumeria Garden lavander Paradise Spa
For use only with Air Freshener dispensers (Pro Master MVP, Odyssey, API 2000)

Liquid Fragrances

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“Commercial Scentsations has been a game changer for our hotel. We have been able to custom tailor the experience of our guests from the moment they step into to our lobby. Definitely a must have for any hospitality service business.”

Jay Rodriguez, Senior VP

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