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Hotel scent marketing

Keep your customers engaged by scenting public areas in your hotel. Make your customers feel at home and create an inviting environment by ridding your lobbies and public areas of bad smells. Our fragrances with odor neutralizers will help rid your public areas of unpleasant smells and provide a more welcoming environment for your guests. 

Inspire confidence in your customers when using your facilities such as public areas, restrooms, and gyms. 

Differentiate your brand
Improve customer experience
Build value
Improve guest satisfaction

Did you know?

Customers are willing to pay


more in scented environments for products they desired
Recent studies indicate that


of hotel guests say that a pleasant smell in a hotel lobby would improve their perception of the brand
Increase employee productivity up to


in scented environments

Why Choose Commercial Scentsations for Your Hotel?

We understand that hotels strive to create a unique and unforgettable experience for their guests. We specialize in scent marketing, harnessing the power of fragrances to tell a captivating story that resonates with visitors. With our aroma diffusers, you can take your hotel’s atmosphere to new heights and leave a lasting impression.

Ready to Transform Your Hotel's Atmosphere?

Enhance Your Hotel’s Ambiance and Elevate Guest Experiences


Customized Fragrances

We work closely with hoteliers to develop signature scents that align with their brand's identity and cater to their specific clientele. Our carefully crafted fragrances create a captivating ambiance that sets your hotel apart from the rest.

Memorable Guest Experiences

Studies have shown that scents have a profound impact on memory and emotions. With our aroma diffusers, you can create scent memories that linger long after your guests have checked out, increasing brand loyalty and fostering positive associations.

Increased Brand Recognition

Your hotel's scent becomes an integral part of your brand's identity. By incorporating a customized fragrance throughout your property, you reinforce brand recognition and create a cohesive experience for your guests.

Elimination of Malodors

Unpleasant odors can quickly tarnish a guest's impression of your hotel. Our aroma diffusers effectively eliminate malodors, ensuring a fresh and inviting environment for everyone.

Attracting New Customers

A captivating scent has the power to attract new customers. As guests share their positive experiences, word-of-mouth marketing becomes a powerful tool in driving new bookings and increasing occupancy rates.
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Your CSS representative will walk you through the process of discovering the best fragrance for your hotel when you order your consultation. Yet CSS does more than just find the right scent for you. We help you identify key areas for scents so that your fragrance can have the greatest effect on your brand.

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“Good Morning Jim, Easter Service went well yesterday! If our church received a dollar for every time we heard how great the building smelled, our offerings would be thousands of dollars greater. I’m so pleased with the service!!”

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