NEW! Small area diffuser

CSS 1000 Battery Operated Diffuser

A simple Sleek design, and it holds 500 ml of fragrance. Powered by 4 D cell batteries, making it extremely versatile where outlets aren’t available. It is capable of scenting spaces up to 800-1000 square feet. These diffusers are Bluetooth controlled, via a smartphone, or tablet, It can also be plugged into a wall outlet using a micro USB power adapter. Perfect for scenting restrooms, small lobbies, locker rooms, hallways, etc.

4D cell batteries
Wall mounted configuration
Improves air quality
Covers 800-1000 square feet


We are one of the first companies to offer battery-operated Diffusers, with cold air diffusion technology. (The process which turns an oil based liquid fragrance into a dry vapor)

Other ideal environments: Homes, retail, fashion boutiques, car showrooms, fitness centers, gyms, telco stores, cinemas, hospitals, dental clinics, hair salons, beauty salons, bars, nightclubs, art galleries and more.

Worry Free

Monthly Maintenance Service

Our monthly service consists of maintaining air freshener machines, replacing the batteries for non-electric machines and replacing the fragrance refills. There is nothing for you to maintain!

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“Good Morning Jim, Easter Service went well yesterday! If our church received a dollar for every time we heard how great the building smelled, our offerings would be thousands of dollars greater. I’m so pleased with the service!!”

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