Large Area Diffuser

CSS 1500 Floor Stand Diffuser for Large Areas

  • Stand-alone Cold air diffusion technology, capable of scenting 3000-4000 square feet
  • Fully programable via Bluetooth from a smart phone or tablet
  • Holds 1000ml of fragrance
  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Stands 18.5 inches tall
  • Dispenses ultra-fine atomizing air freshening particles
  • Ideal for Lobby’s, retail stores, Gyms, Basements, conference rooms
Bluetooth & Manual
Standalone configuration
Improves air quality
Covers 4,000 square feet.
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“Good Morning Jim, Easter Service went well yesterday! If our church received a dollar for every time we heard how great the building smelled, our offerings would be thousands of dollars greater. I’m so pleased with the service!!”

Lady J, Higher Dimension church

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