Odyssey Air Freshener Dispenser

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Odyssey Air Freshener Dispenser

Odyssey Air Freshener Dispenser

Odyssey Air Freshener Dispenser

The Industry’s Best Performing Dispenser! Professional size dispenser made from high impact durable polymers. Three-way ventilation for maximum air flow. Dust resistant plastic. Choose from 4 attractive, high-gloss decorator finishes to complement the sleek European design. Spill-proof tray hold virtually every liquid or solid refill type. Vandal-resistant design.

Refer to thumbnail below for internal options for Odyssey.

  • Battery Dispenser

Patented two-blade plastic battery

assembly utilizes one D-cell battery with stainless steel contacts. Accommodates small and large motors. Optional four-blade fan available. Packed per case.

  • Passive/Still Dispenser

Utilizes natural air flow for evaporation. Non-mechanical, easy, economical and effective. Packed per case.

  • Electric D.C. Fan Dispenser

With efficient 12 Volt D.C. motor provides years of dependable service. More than triple the output of battery-operated two-blade fan dispensers. Packed per case.


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